Mr Leonid Krupets made a working visit to Klichev Region of Mogilev Province

       On 24 August 2010, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, Deputy Chairman of the Council for Cooperation of Local Self-Government Bodies at the Council of the Republic, made a working visit to Klichev Region of Mogilev Province.
       Within the framework of the visit he examined the results of a case study focused on the process of implementation of the State Programme for the Rural Area Sustainable Development for 2005 — 2010, as well as on the measures taken to support and develop private subsidiary farming in the Klichev Region. The study was conducted in the central mansion of the Unitary Communal Agricultural Enterprise “Sovkhoz “Dobrovolets”, which is located in the Orekhovka agro-town.
       At the 4th regular session of the Region Council of Deputies Mr Leonid Krupets made a speech on developing private subsidiary farming. The agenda of the sitting underlined the importance of rendering targeted assistance to the citizens, especially to those who experienced difficulties due to their age or other circumstances.
       He underlined that this work required responsible approach and the key point was to give people an opportunity to farm and produce without bureaucracy. 
       Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic got acquainted with the lossless operation of the modern timber-processing facility run by the State Forestry Establishment “Klichev Leskhoz”. He noted the timely manner in which the region’s authorities had taken steps to attract investments and create workplaces.
       On the same day Mr Leonid Krupets visited Nesyata Village Council of Deputies, got acquainted with its work and the work of the local Executive Committe, their resources and problems, took a look at the preparation of the Nesyata Secondary School to the new academic year and met with the Chairpersons of the region’s Village Councils.