Mr Leonid Krupets had a meeting with the headship of local self-government bodies in Vitebsk Province

      On 6 July 2010 Mr Leonid Krupets, Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, made a working visit to Vitebsk Province. He got acquainted with the facilities of social and production infrastructure in Orsha Region and met the heads of the region’s local self-government bodies. The participants of the meeting discussed topical issues related to the development of Village Councils of Deputies, rendering practical assistance to the retired, lonely and low-income rural citizens.
      Mr Leonid Krupets visited a woodworking and a cheese-producing enterprises in the Kopys agro-town and a number of welfare facilities. This visit was made within the framework of the implementation of the Plan of Preparation of a Field Meeting of the Council for Cooperation of Local Self-Government Bodies at the Council of the Republic.