Mr Gennady Novitsky had a Meeting with the Chairmen of Province and Minsk City Councils of Deputies

       On 6 February 2008 Mr G. Novitsky, Chairman of the Council of the Republic, had a meeting with the heads of Province territorial level Councils of Deputies as part of the activity of the Council for Cooperation of Local Self-Government Bodies at the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.
       The participants of the meeting discussed the primary aims of the local Councils of Deputies. The task of Province Councils of Deputies is to identify its role together with province Executive Committees and to develop main directions of cooperation aimed at efficient and high-quality solution of the issues of population life sustenance. It was noted that the Council for Cooperation of Local Self-Government Bodies would coordinate the issues of cooperation between local government and self-government bodies. In addition to that, local Councils of Deputies were requested to specify the form of their participation in this process of developing the Concept of Regional Development for the period until 2015.